So far, so good…

A whirlwind.

That’s what it’s been since we first signed our contracts back in January this year.

Now, eight months into 2016, after construction, closing, walk-throughs, shopping(!), packing, moving, and unpacking, we STILL AREN’T FINISHED! However, despite a few unfinished tasks, we have had an amazing time setting up a new household, meeting our neighbors, and exploring our new city. The outrageous heat and humidity have been something of a mixed blessing by keeping us focused on the interior of the house instead of going out to explore our new environs, which is something we’ll save until the cooler temperatures of autumn make it easier to spend time outdoors.

Since moving in on June 23, we have been singularly possessed with getting everything in order before our attentions are turned elsewhere. As such, we’ve already signed contracts for our new patio (which will hopefully be complete by the start of autumn) and we have recently set a date to get our drapes and Roman shades installed. We are also in the early stages of planning where all the art will go, but that’s a giant task that may take many more weeks of weighing our significant options. Moreover, our 30-day walk-through took place last week, so once the wall repairs have been completed, we’ll get started hanging the art.

As far as the interior goes, hanging the art should be last thing we have to do. I say should because I think I want to make significant changes to the powder room. As it stands now, the powder room is an unremarkable, sad little space. I’d like to make giant changes, but I’d be satisfied with a coat of paint and some interesting art. I’m still doing my research, though. My mind is open to all possibilities until I hit on a design that would make me feel less disturbed by such a sad little loo.

I’ve taken some early photos of the house for posterity’s sake. These photos show some of the rooms as they looked during our first month in residence. We will upload more photos after the window treatments and art have been installed later this month.

These photos show the library, master bedroom, family room, study, and dining room.

So far, so good…

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