Done and Done-er

It has been a week since we closed on our Naples and now we’re happily moved in, unpacking boxes, and waiting for the final pieces to be installed (i.e., the washer and dryer). They would have been installed last week, but Maryland law requires some kind of flood pan(?) to be installed on the floor under the washer. We already had one installed by the builder, but that would could only support a top-load washer and we don’t have that. This Friday, though, I hope to be doing laundry in my very own, newly outfitted laundry room.

The movers were mostly successful in not messing anything up during the move. The walls suffered a bit of damage, but nothing the 30-day drywall repair can’t fix. The movers also damaged a few pieces of furniture, but they’ll be easy to repair. The biggest struggle of the move was the heat and humidity. The front door had to be open throughout the move, so the air conditioner had to work especially hard to keep the house tolerable throughout the move. In the end, it was a resounding success and nearly everything is where it needs to be. The next big things are to clean the old house for the owner and then to empty the garage of boxes so we can park indoors again.

Within the first 24 hours of being the new house, we received a lot of callers, from Verizon, Restoration Hardware, Sears, a deck builder, Frontline (pest control), Guardian, and more. Moreover, we have started to meet our neighbors and they’re all sweet as can be. Once we get fully settled, I’m sure we’ll make the rounds and learn more about the people in and around the neighborhood.

Closing went pretty much as expected and it was a fairly simple affair. We started moving in the following day (on June 23) and the move lasted until Monday (June 27). The whole-house audio system is up and running and it’s amazing! It was installed yesterday and it we’ve barely given it a break. Using our mobile devices to operate the audio system as well as the security alarm and garage door is like living in Star Trek or something. It’s also easy to use, so we’re happy… everything is perfect and we are relieved everything went so well.

Once we get everything settled and have installed window treatments and cleaned up around the house and yard, we’ll add some photos to remember the early days.

Done and Done-er

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