T-Minus Four Weeks (and Still Counting)

We have already passed the important one-month-until milestones. On May 17, we were one month away from our new-home orientation. On May 22, we were one month away from closing. We had a few other milestones happen thereafter (such as new furniture delivery, moving day, and utility appointments), but these are not as big nor as important as the orientation and closing dates. These are the two dates we’ve been most anxious for. Personally, I’m more interested in the orientation, since it’s when we’ll first get to see and experience the completely finished product. Closing fills me with nervous energy. I’m not quite ready to confront that until it actually happens. Such is the nature of plopping down hundreds of thousands of dollars on a 30-year commitment. I also dread delays. Together, we have crafted a tight moving schedule. Delaying by a day or two wouldn’t upend much, but if a delay lasted a week or more, then we’d be looking at serious meshugas that I do not want to get into. For now, though, we are still on track. Nothing from our builder nor our mortgage lender has suggested that any delays are lurking. Inshallah, we’ll be all settled in the new house by the first week of July.


We realized today that we still have to acquire some rather important appliances, not the least of which is the washer-dryer duo and a mini fridge for our basement wet bar. The research we’ve conducted suggests that the following Electrolux bundle will be exactly the sort of thing we need:

Electrolux Washer and Dryer

This is the Electrolux 4.4 cu. ft. Front-Load Perfect Steam™ Washer w/ 8.0 cu. ft. Dryer w/ Allergen Cycle – Titanium. That’s a mouthful, so I’ll just refer to them as the Work Horses. The Work Horses get really great reviews and have a better reputation than the duo we originally thought we wanted — the LG Twin Wash bundle — which had a really cool mini washer in the stand under the big washer. However, the price of the whole shebang was too great and since we’re only two people, we didn’t think that we’d really need to have the Twin Wash experience. At the end of the day, it has to be about function or over paying extra for the cool features we may never need.

At any rate, we still need to take the plunge and order the Work Horses. Apparently, Sears has very fast delivery options for these bad boys, but I’m afraid of delays, so… wait?

The mini fridge is also a big concern, but more because we want something with a nice capacity that will fit comfortably in the space provided. I’m pretty sure we’ll need to have a place to store champagne, since it’s our preferred elixir when entertaining, but we’ll also need a good amount of storage for bottled water, canned soft drinks, and maybe some space for cold snacks. I don’t like the idea of running up and down the stairs with snack-laden trays. On the other hand, we have considered installing a large “MAN FRIDGE” in the basement storage room (which has more than enough space to accommodate a large fridge), for storing large amounts of beer, wine, colas, etc. One day we’ll make that a reality, but not until we are good to go in the rest of the house. Everything else has to be settled before we try to get a big fridge down the basement stairs. Moreover, I don’t even want to think about how that’ll happen (oh, wait, WHITE GLOVE DELIVERY SERVICE!).

Here’s an early contender for the bar fridge:

Bar Fridge - 103 can

The most important facts about it follow:

  • Holds 103 12 oz. cans and five (5) 750 mL bottles (i.e., five bottles of Veuve Clicquot, always chilled and ready to pour)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 33″ H x 19″ W x 18 1/4″ D (oh, please let it fit, please let it fit!)

The ability to hold FIVE 750 mL bottles won me over. I just hope it fits under the bar. If it does, then we’re totally in business…

T-Minus Four Weeks (and Still Counting)

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