Five Weeks and Counting

After my update last week, I decided to stop by the new neighborhood for a peak at the progress. I only expected to do a drive by, maybe take photo of the exterior, and then be on my way to the other side of the Chesapeake. However, when I arrived, I was greeted by our new Project Manager, Joe, and he offered to take me inside for a quick look at the progress. Before talking about that, though, here’s that exterior shot I took:


Other than the missing shutters on the right-most window, everything seemed to be perfectly fine on the outside. But, as Joe explained, the ground still needed a bit more shaping to alleviate some water pooling between our house the house to the left of our (on the right-hand side of our house is a nature trail, which affords us a nice gap between us and our future neighbors). At some point this week, the workers will have completed grading the entire yard (front and back), added the columns to the stoop, and, I hope, added the missing shutters. Because of all the construction, though, the neighborhood was covered in cars, trucks, and grime and I experienced quite the traffic jam just getting to our cul-de-sac. I expect that will all disappear soon, though, since our house is among the last to be added to this end of the neighborhood.

I can hardly believe that we went from nothing but basement to almost complete in around two months’ time! While that may surprise many people unfamiliar with this home-building process, I can guarantee that Ryan, our builder, has their home-building process down to an exact science. They are machine-like in their efficiency, planning, and construction. And, as I found out when I took my tour, it is all high quality construction, materials, and details.

On entering the house, the first floor looked almost completely finished, with the exception of the flooring (which comes this week). The lights were on, our kitchen’s GORGEOUS Carrara marble back splash was gleaming, and the mantle was nearing completion. I walked from room to room with my mouth agape, scarcely able to believe how much has been done since we returned from our trip to Japan in mid-March (that’s when I took the photo on the left). The only thing I found out of place was the light hanging in the dining room, which should have been installed in the morning room, since we bought a magnificent Rococo chandelier specifically for our dining room.

Our new dining room chandelier

The basement was the biggest surprise, though, and I mean that literally. The Naples’ basement is a HUGE space, and even though we have a large-scale built-in wet bar in the back (i.e., under the morning room), we still have an enormous amount of space for a giant table, a giant sectional (a Lovesac Sactional to be precise), complete with a quite large machinery and storage room. The full basement bath looked really great, too.

The upstairs wasn’t as jaw-dropping, though, since it’s just a collection of smaller rooms, including a loft, four bedrooms, a laundry room, many closets, and two full bathrooms. The most amazing surprise upstairs, though, was the Owner’s Bath. The marble we selected looked AMAZE-BALLS and paired quite well with the granite and cabinetry combination. Once done, this bath will be the most luxurious bath in the neighborhood (according to Project Manager Joe, who says most people just get the plain white tile for their baths).

That begs the question:

Is a marble bath like this overkill?

No. No it is not. A marble bath is fabulous and I can’t wait to swathe myself in great lengths of luxurious terrycloth while I sip champagne in a Mr. Bubble bubble bath.


The whole-house audio system, home theater system, central vacuum, home security system, etc., were also complete, but I couldn’t play around with any of it, or photograph my brief tour, because Project Manager Joe was overseeing the construction of at least four houses in the neighborhood—and I didn’t want to take up any more of his precious time. I regret not asking him to leave me alone for a while in my future house so I could take a lot of photos, but I’ll get over that, especially since I have so much else to do. Also, I think we have more than enough construction photos. What we want now are pre-move-in photos (i.e., an empty, but complete house) and oh-happy-day-we-finally-moved-in-and-unpacked-and-decorated-everything-and-now-we-are-done photos.

I sincerely look forward to our new-home orientation, which will take place exactly one month from today. Less than a week thereafter, we close, and then we move in. I’m no longer sweating the little details, since I have already annihilated those little details with white gloves and bubble wrap. Now we just have to do the pedestrian packing (i.e., books, plates, and pots-n-pans) and the movers will do the rest.

I’m not even going to think about unpacking until I’m forced to do so.

Until then, I’m dreaming about that bubble bath.

Five Weeks and Counting

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