T-Minus 6 Weeks…and Counting!

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our blog, which I attribute almost exclusively to being overly prepared for the coming storm (i.e., new-home orientation, closing, setting up new accounts for utilities, hiring movers, packing, and then, at long last, moving into our brand new house). Being the overly prepared type, I have created macro schedules, micro schedules, lists of new purchases, inventory lists, shopping lists, lists,  lists, lists, and lists of lists!


On the upside, yesterday we received an update from our new Project Manager, Joe (our previous Project Manager, who was great(!) received a much-deserved promotion, so as of June 1, he’ll be moving on). The update read:

“We are in the midst of final trades right now, putting in fixtures, switches, outlets, speakers. The tile back-splash is going in today and looks great! Granite was installed yesterday (May 10) and we have graded your yard. Hardwood is going in the beginning of next week followed by carpet, and then another round of paint and drywall. We are right on track!”

That update was a symphony of good news, especially since the last three or four weeks here in the Mid-Atlantic have been more like the Pacific Northwest, with gloomy grey skies, rain in alternating downpours and drizzles, and a chill that helps to keep us from using the air conditioning (perhaps the only bright spot in the prevailing gloom). What keeps us from getting a bad case of the blues, though, is our planning and packing and planning and packing. Until we move, which is currently scheduled for the last week of June, we’ll continue to plan and pack until we can do neither anymore. Then we’ll just enjoy what remains of our time on Kent Island—a beautiful jewel in the Chesapeake and Maryland’s first English settlement (The More You Know!). We won’t miss the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, though. It’s a miserable failure of a bridge and I’ll be happy to see it disappear into the rear-view mirror.

Also in the past week, we locked our interest rate in at an agreeable 3.875 percent for a 30-year VA loan. Between the deposits we’ve already made and the builder’s incentives, we’re actually walking away from the settlement table with a refund exceeding $18,000! This is a tidy sum for setting up an emergency fund, ensuring we won’t get blindsided by any unexpected tax bills or whatever. Moreover, we still have a big chunk of cash from a prior DC-condo sale in savings, so we’re sittin’ pretty and feeling good about our prospects in our new home.

While we speed toward closing with many things on our minds, we continue our research on creating a Japanese garden that will not run afoul of the HOA’s stringent guidelines. Our recent trip to Japan really inspired us, but we’ll have to wait to draw our plans since we can’t really start planting new trees until early next spring. However, this expected delay in landscaping gives us more than enough time to do everything properly, from interior design to exterior design planning.

I can’t believe how smoothly all this has been… I wish everyone could be so lucky.

If the weather clears in the coming days, we’ll try to get out to the new house to explore and get some new photos. I’m dying to see the progress made since I last visited two weeks ago.

The excitement continues…

T-Minus 6 Weeks…and Counting!

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