Garden idea: Local Japanese Designs

We have lots of progress, and I have long-promised pictures once I get them off my phone. But in the meantime, I was doing some research about companies in the area that might do full service patio/garden design in the Japanese style. Findings:

Both seem like good options to get some design consulting. Of course, as is normal for services like this they charge a design fee, which they then apply as a discount for the services proper. So it’s like a ‘pick one’ scenario. We’ll have to explore more, when the time comes.

Garden idea: Local Japanese Designs

Garden idea: The Herbaceous Border

If it’s good enough for the Queen of England….

So it’s basically a huge zone of flowers and bushes, often perennial flowering bushes. It seems its more typical of English landed gardens with a lot of space, but we have a large lot in back, and it might work well with the extended patio zones we’re considering. So here are some links on philosophy and practice of the herbaceous border:

I wonder how this would mix in with the Japanese aesthetic, which is otherwise what we’re going for back there. But it could be an interesting mix.

We’re stopping by tomorrow, so more pictures to come of the current state. Exciting!


Garden idea: The Herbaceous Border

Update: We have a roof!

Progress has been steady since construction began at the beginning of March. I can scarcely believe that so much has been accomplished in the span of a month. I mean, we had the pre-construction meeting, we went to the other side of the planet, and then returned to a complete foundation. Less than two weeks later, we visited our future neighborhood to find this:



Oh, and we have windows and doors and HVAC ducts, a hearth, and more! WOW!!!!

Our PM hinted during our pre-con meeting that we could enter the house once the stairs had a handrail. Lucky for us, when we visited last weekend, we found the stairs complete, and so in we went…

And our jaws promptly hit the unfinished floors.

The progress made in March was astounding to see. Every room was completely framed and we walked around each level, mouths agape, stunned at every turn by the sheer size of it all. Moreover, the quality of construction surprised us. Seeing the skeleton of our future home actually gave us a bit of strength: It really is well built!

Yesterday, during the weekly chat with the PM, we learned that we will have our pre-settlement walk-through the week of June 17, with the final settlement taking place the week of June 22. We already have our meeting with  Guardian scheduled for next Monday (April 11), which means we will see even more progress, since the plumbing work has begun. By the end of next week, the builders will be doing the air-tightness test (or whatever it’s called when they seal the house, pressurize it, and look for air seeps). Thereafter, we’re looking at several weeks of interior and exterior work, but I don’t yet have firm details on what all that will include. At any rate, it pleases us to see the progress and now we have to start thinking about the less palatable details of building a home: The move!

We have begun an Amazon shopping list that takes into account some of the more banal items we need to acquire for the new house. Moreover, we have met with our interior designer and have begun discussing what we’ll be doing on the first floor. We went into the meeting with the designer with some very developed plans, which surprised her, so the most significant thing we’ll have to deal with is painting the walls. Other than that, planning is going well (and mostly stress free since we’re so well prepared).

And that’s it for now! Stay tuned, though. We’ll be posting additional photos from our most recent visit soon!

Update: We have a roof!