Second Stage Decorating Ideas

While looking up other people’s experiences for the last post, I found some other really interesting ideas to keep track of for later. These are all going to be post-construction projects — customizing the house to take it to the next level.

This guy in Shorewood, IL seems very handy. He installed his own sump pump, apparently a better one than the standard. Something to consider? He also did his own built-in surround sound rather than going with the Ryan option — but there is NO WAY we are cutting into our nice new walls. One thing we definitely want to do is replicate the under-counter lighting he used. Rather than the $1000 Ryan option (which we didn’t even hear about, so maybe it’s not offered), he got some self-adhesive strips and put them up himself. They look great! We’re doing that for sure.

I also just discovered the concept of DIY wooden walls using reclaimed pallet boards!! It’s amazing. I pinned a bunch of the images to my Pinterest board for visual reference. But here are three of the stories with pretty good guides. Something definitely to look into after we take charge and can then customize to the next level.



Second Stage Decorating Ideas

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