Countdown to Our Pre-Construction Meeting

Our pre-construction meeting is still three days away, but I’m starting to get jittery (especially since we leave for a long vacation in Japan exactly two days after our pre-con). In fact, we’ll miss the official groundbreaking, but as I understand it, we wouldn’t get the whole Groundbreaking Experience™ anyway — with all the golden shovels, hardhats, and applauding dignitaries.

Actually, since it’s been so snowy and rainy this winter, it’s probably a good thing we’ll miss groundbreaking — we’ve already ruined two perfectly great pairs of shoes visiting the building site.

It also makes me a little nervous that we can’t be there to watch what’s going on every day of construction. I have read so many blogs about the things that could go wrong that I’m considering getting something like this so I can keep a careful eye on the builders:


Obviously, our Project Manager would get a bad back carrying me around in a Baby Bjorn, but on the up side, maybe the rhythmic hammering of nails into wood would help me fall to sleep. I have such trouble getting to sleep…

I’m kidding, of course. Aside from needing to vent just a tiny bit of nervous energy, I’m really cool as a cucumber.

Everyone at NV/Ryan Homes has been super amaze-balls! From the guy at the model, to the loan officer, to the Guardian guy, tile lady, to the Veterans Administration, etc., etc., etc., everyone has been helpful, encouraging, and sweet as pie. This whole process of building a home has been smooth sailing. In fact, I can’t believe how smoothly it’s all been progressing.

(Of course, I am to blame for some of that, since I am always over prepared for everything. For example, when I put together my paperwork for the loan officer, I created a 100+ page PDF that shocked and amazed her in its design and comprehensiveness. She literally took my mortgage package around her office to show her colleagues how [insert flattering synonym for anally retentive] I can be.)

Thus, I am not really too concerned about outfitting our project manager with an over-sized Baby Bjorn so I can keep an eye on things. In fact, I trust the process so completely that I’m ready to disengage fully and enjoy our trip to Japan. After all, I started planning this trip to Japan a full year before we committed to building a house.


Countdown to Our Pre-Construction Meeting

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